Back To Basics – My Life My Way

A short description of the hustle – Delhi to Indore…Metro to tier 2 city

My office was in Okhla and used to start at 9.00am and my husband’s office was in Gurgaon and used to start at 8.00am. To save money and spend time together in our busy schedules, we used to start from Noida at 6.30am and avoid all the traffic. But this resulted in me landing at my office at 7:15 am, while the cleaning used to happen.:)

This gave me enough time for myself and to plan my whole day. Everything went on pretty smoothly, till one fine day I was over-whelmed to know that a new member gonna be a part of our family soon. I continued following the same schedule for good 9 months, without knowing whats in there for me.

Everyone around me, used to tell me that I wont be able to continue my job after baby as the biggest problem in metros is all about distance and long travelling hours. But I was pretty sure that I will make all ends meet and continue the same work.

On 7th March 2013, a little prince was in my hands. I was so engrossed in him that I forgot that 3 months of maternity just flew by. Had to rejoin the office, but to my surprise a new policy came to my rescue – I can choose to work for 4 hours each day or work full-time 15 days a month and get paid accordingly. Tried working out the first option , however after few months, I could see the exhaustion around my eyes and overall health. Separation pangs and the want to raise my kid my way slowly crept on the top of my priority list. Even after my HR giving me a lot of options, I decided to just be with my prince at home.

I was loving every bit of it, but I also started missing my job, friends, my daily schedule, meetings etc. I had to do something about it, but travelling for so many hours and then being with my kid was not an option. Tried being an entrepreneur, but again the things I was missing were still a miss, I wanted to go back to my job.

Me and my husband used to talk a lot about it. One fine day, he realised that its been 6 years of commuting between Noida and Gurgaon. And now is the time he needs to spend time with family specially the kiddo wanted his dad’s attention.

After thinking a lot, we decided to get BACK TO BASICS- from where we started – Indore. A place where we both met first, studied together, fell in love and decided to complete each other for lifetime – Indore. After lot of compromises, adjustments, convincing we landed up in the city. Its been three years now and we are now have another prince in our lives. I have started working again, heading marketing for a 5- star hotel, and am loving it. My husband has started his own business, so working on his timings dream is also fulfilled. Climate, distances, nature, friends around tell us we made the right decision.

Let me also tell you, we figured out that we not the only one to COME back.


away from metros to live  a peaceful and contented life, away from show-offs and just be themselves.

I am just loving it – Indore-an!!!!!

Please share your story too….


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