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Microware Awarded EcoPark Certificate of Appreciation

Microware collected a certain number of e-waste from our end-user. The e-waste will be recycled, refurbished or donated to deserving families.

Lenovo Special Offer

Lenovo Special Offer

Purchase ThinkPad X270 
+$899 to get a ThinkPad Ultra Dock – 135W UK (40A20135UK) 

Original Price $2,070, Save up to 56%

About Microware

Microware Limited (Microware), a member of Microware Group Limited (Stock Code: 1985), is a Hong Kong based IT infrastructure solutions provider with over 20 years of experience in providing IT solution services for Hong Kong Government, educational institutions, public bodies and commercial organizations.

From deploying basic infrastructure blocks and provisioning services via the cloud to enabling enterprise mobility and empowering innovation, Microware offers a one-stop destination for tailor-made solutions that are backed by strong partnerships, a wide breadth of value-added services and certified processes.
About Microware