If you have a minimum of do-it-yourself skills and have some tools suitable for small jobs, you can opt for creating a personalized ring .The operation is not difficult, and can be done in various ways and with different types of decorations using a circle already semi-finished or create one from scratch. In this regard, here is a guide with some tips on how to optimize the result.To create a personalized ring, it is therefore essential to have a circle to work on. If the option is to make a new one, then just make a sheet of about 3X2 cm and fold it around a perfectly polished wooden round.At the end with an oxygen torch, the two parts can be joined according to the diameter of the finger. Alternatively, in a store that sells goldsmiths’ supplies, it is possible to buy a semi-finished ring of the right size and then proceed with customization.Once the ring has been created it is necessary to provide personalization, and in this case there are several possibilities to perform a clean and at the same time satisfying job. A first way is to sand the surface of the rim with fine-grained abrasive cloth, to get it smooth and silky and ready for an engraving. The latter can be customized with italic writing or with images, using an engraver very similar to a tin soldering iron. The ideal, however, is to use a pantograph of manual type easily found in shops of Fine Arts, and suitable for bringing back to the surface of the ring a monogram or a figure taken from a book. The next step then involves the use of a steel burin that allows you to dig into the metal.

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Always appearing flashy and luminous is a matter of fundamental importance for each of us. There are many ideas and curiosities that can help us to exalt you, and among these certainly the jewels play a very important role . Original or classic that they are, these beautiful objects are always able to exalt us and make us look in the mirror with a different and certainly happy look. In this regard, today we want to help you in this sense, perhaps even managing to make you gain a little or make beautiful even your friends showing you a technique of jewelry reproduction. The essential tools to use this technique are the nippers and pliers. The latter must be of two types: one with curved tips and the other with round tips. Generally, copper, steel, bronze, brass or silver wires are used. At first, perhaps, you could use the copper or steel wire, which can be purchased for a few euros in all hardware.If you have a colored stone of any shape, you can wrap it with the thread making two or three turns. Subsequently, by distancing them from each other, you will have to try to give the wire the shape of a small spiral, then make a small loop on the tip, which will represent the eyelet in which to pass the cord. In the same way, you can create rings using ready-made shapes on which to place the decoration, or you can create yourself the circular shape of the ring, rolling the thread several times on itself, as if you wanted to get a spring.



The mother-of-pearl is a natural material obtained from inside shells and other molluscs such as oysters, and its typical color is whitish with shades that tend to be pearly. For centuries, the use of mother of pearl is widespread to decorate objects of various kinds, and especially to create fine jewelry . In this regard, in this guide, I will show you how to create wonderful pendants and mother-of-pearl jewelry. Let’s begin!

First of all, if you have some mother-of-pearl scales at your fingertips, patiently accumulated over the years, or simply made from old disused objects, you can use them to create pendants or jewelry items, simply, without necessarily being experts of the goldsmith sector. A first example to make a mother-of-pearl pendant, is to take a shell directly, and work it on the entire external surface with a drill bit, until you begin to notice the first pearly effects of the underlying layer.



On the other hand, if you have an old grandma’s brooch, perhaps in solid gold, but which you consider unsatisfactory to modern times, you can still make it, transforming it completely, and applying a good quantity of nacre, which will make it much more valuable. So if you have a brooch with little flowers and many leaves, you can use them as templates to apply, the small flakes of mother-of-pearl, and at the end, smooth them with a lime, or with sandpaper for goldsmiths, with very thin grain.